harvest hill farms

Design, creativity and collaboration are key characteristics for design. Collaboration is what we feel keeps creativity alive in the world of small business. When looking to create one-of-a-kind products, we seek other small businesses with a similar vision for design.

I was drawn to Harvest Hill Farm immediately- their attention to detail, craftsmanship and quality are all outstanding. The story behind the creation of the farm is similar to my own story- sharing in a common dream of creating beautiful, thoughtful gifts. From the time I received my first order (handmade soaps delicately packed in a beautiful basket) I knew I had a new favorite go-to store.

When looking for a small business to collaborate with for my truly personal and delicate spring/summer collection, I turned to Harvest Hill Farm to create a beautiful hand-made soap. The collection honoring my Grandmother, Marguerite, needed a personal, crafted and beautiful item. Krista Kim, the owner of Harvest Hill Farm, designed a beautiful hand-made soap scented with geranium and lavender topped with fresh rose petals. They are the perfect addition to the collection and my Grandmother would have loved them.

In order to learn more about Harvest Hill Farm, I conducted an interview with Krista getting into the inter-workings of her company and design philosophy. Please enjoy!


1. What inspired you to create Harvest Hill Farms? Where did the name come from?

I have always loved making thoughtful handmade gifts for family and friends and dreamt of having my own small business since I was young.

We live on a hill, surrounded by beautiful wheat fields. Harvest time is one of the most magical times of the year, when the wheat gets long and the fields turn golden. Fall is also my favorite season, so that is a bonus. :)


2. What do you believe is important in owning a small business?

I thinking staying true to what you are passionate about and not compromising on quality or values.


3. What products do you sell and, what guides you to create your products?

We sell artisan soap, soy candles, and handmade pottery. I love creating beautiful, useful items that elevate everyday living.


4. What is the process behind making your soaps? Do you have a favorite scent?

First I measure the ingredients, then melt down the hard oils, next I dawn googles, gloves, and a mask and mix up lye and distilled water, after that I blend the lye mixture and oils together until they reach a certain consistency, after that I add in essential oils and natural colorants/clays, next I poor them into molds and let them sit undisturbed for 24-36 hrs, finally I cut them and let them cure for 6-8 weeks which produces a nice, long lasting bar with lots of love and lather.

As far as a favorite scent, Hmm it's so hard to choose! I would have to say my first favorite is Lavender Lemongrass. I can never get enough of either of those scents and together they are divine! A close second is Sweater Weather. The blend of cinnamon, clove, and orange is so cozy and smells like fall in a bar!


5. What does a typical day at Harvest Hill Farms look like?

In the morning, I start off with coffee, quiet time, and breakfast, followed by farm chores. Then I go into the studio and get to work! Depending on the day, I will do a variety of tasks including making product, packing orders, bookkeeping, product photography, printing labels, ordering supplies, etc. After dinner, I will often go back to the studio and finish up. Then do it all again the next day. :)


9. Where do you see your business in the future? Do you have any advice for someone starting their own small business?

In the future, I hope to start hosting seasonal Sip & Shops and themed pottery workshops.

For someone wanting to start their own small business- dream big, the sky is truly the limit. Failing is not a bad thing, it's a learning experience. Rome wasn't built in a day. Just keep swimming. Have fun and enjoy the journey. Those might sound a little cheesy and cliche, but they are some of the most important truths and have kept me going during the rougher patches of this crazy journey called entrepreneurship.