M A R G U E R I T E | S U M M E R 2019

Seasons are beautiful, meaningful times that mark changes throughout the year. Just as the Earth experiences spring, summer, fall and winter, we have seasons of our lives. The seasons of our lives are marked by events, people, and ideas that touch our lives.

I am currently at the end of a season in my life- one that began in early February. This season has has brought great sadness and grief, but it has helped to transform and guide my soul.

Throughout my life I have been blessed with people whom have guided, supported, and loved unconditionally. One of these people was my Grandmother. She was a beautiful, hardworking and kind soul. My family lost my grandmother unexpectedly early one Sunday afternoon. She was surrounded by her loved ones- my sister and I were holding her hand.

In this time of sorrow and grief, I turned to the only thing that has provided respite in my life- paper and design. I painted my emotions. The colors bright, dancing and full of life- reflecting my Grandmother’s soul. I painted the happy memories, her smile and the love that I will carry for her forever. My watercolors turned to flowers, delicate and flowing. The lines joined and blossomed into a beautiful garden. It is now that I realize this process of grief created a piece of work that I will carry close to my heart.

The Marguerite Summer collection can be previewed HERE.

Marguerite, c. 1950

Marguerite, c. 1950